New Zealand Velvet Antler and Green Lipped Mussel Formulas

The best natural solutions for increased libido, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, connective tissue problems, joint flexibility, inflammation, weight training, strength and muscle building, marathon running, bicycling, stamina, energy, sperm count and motility, building immune system and general  well-being come only from pristine New Zealand. And they are available right here in the USA with free shipping and no handling charge.


Blue Dragon Velvet Antler and Green Lipped Mussel Formulas The importation of New Zealand Velvet Antler requires much more regulation than Velvet Antler produced in the US. FDA, USDA, and Fish & Wildlife require permits and inspections of every shipment entering the US. This is addition to the New Zealand regulations of farming and processing of Velvet Antler. Government and Veterinary inspections and documentation are required. Good Manufacturing Procedures are followed throughout the processing and packaging procedures. Each lot is analyzed for IGF-1 content and microbial contamination.

US production and processing of Velvet Antler can be sketchy. Antlers are purchased at auction, not knowing the conditions and health of the animals or the quality of the antler. Packaging is supposed to be performed under Good Manufacturing Procedures, but  government inspections are infrequent. In fact, there are some producers that harvest their own antler and use a hand operated filler to fill capsules. They slap a label on the bottle and they are in business.

Blue Dragon New Zealand Velvet Antler Formulas

Blue Dragon New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel Formulas

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Our own standardized Velvet Antler, produced and packaged in New Zealand, using our specifications
We offer the finest pure, natural Velvet Antler products available at the best possible price. Our Blue Dragon Velvet Antler is standardized to contain 500 nanograms of IGF-1 per gram and our Blue Dragon Velvet Antler Extract is standardized at 2500 nanograms  of IGF-1 per gram

Blue Dragon Velvet Antler Plus
Each capsule contains 450 mg of pure New Zealand Velvet Antler and 50 mg of pure New Zealand Velvet Antler Extract supplying 350 ng of IGF-1. We suggest 1 to 3 capsules daily for therapeutic applications.

1 bottle, 60 capsules/bottle $58.97      

3 bottles, 60 capsules/bottle $164.97             

6 bottles, 60 capsules/bottle $299.97             


The Remarkable Healing Power of Velvet Antler
written by Dr. Betty Kamen

Velvet antler - not the inert material of horns, but the rapidly growing antler of deer and elk that completely regenerate every year. Antler has been a key element in Asian medicine for thousands of years, and has always been consumed by human hunters.

Only in recent centuries have we abandoned this rich source of growth factors, cartilage building nutrients, and testosterone precursors. Antler may be one of missing elements in the modern diet that has allowed such a tragic loss to our collective health. Velvet antler is now being used to address a wide range of disorders, including arthritis and sexual dysfunction. Major constituents of velvet antler - chondroitin sulfate and collagen type II - are even recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug administration as effective against joint disorders. This is a rare achievement for a nutritional supplement with its roots deep in alternative practice.

This book is a guide to the emerging uses of this amazing substance. It will help you understand the science, the application, and the philosophy behind velvet antler supplementation. It presents clear scientific and clinical results, along with some compelling anecdotes.


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